The Good and The Bad of Smart Home Technology

Advantages & Disadvantages of Smart Home Automation Technology

There is no denying that smart home technology has become increasingly popular among many homeowners. Many people opt for smart home automation in their homes because of the convenience and comfort that comes with it.  With smart home technology, you can independently and remotely control all your smart devices however you like.  This includes lights, […]

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All You Need To Know About Homekit Smart Hubs

Everything you need to know about Homekit Smart Home Automation Hub

If you opt for Apple Homekit as your smart home automation platform without a hub, you might notice something strange. You can’t actually control some of your smart devices remotely.  This is because they lack a common interface like iCloud that helps your Homekit communicate with your Apple device. You need the help of a […]

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The Best Smart Devices of 2021

Best Smart Home Devices & Systems of 2021 | Reviews & Buying Guide

It’s understandable that you might have a limited budget when you decide to purchase smart devices. Otherwise, you want to get the very best smart home device that the category has to offer.  Whatever device you get, you want it to fit your lifestyle and have the best functionality. It could be a smart bulb, […]

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Ultimate Guide – How to Make a Smart Home

Ultimate Smart Home Guide | How to Make a Home Automation System?

Making the switch to a smart home is one of the best decisions you can make!Here are the different ways to make a smart home: How to Make a Smart Home – Eve Homekit Technologies How to Make a Smart Home – Honeywell Smart Devices How to Make a Smart Home – Meross Smart Devices […]

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How to Make a Smart Home – Honeywell Smart Devices

How to Make Honeywell Smart Home System? | Honeywell Smart Devices

The smart home industry is growing rapidly, and new companies are joining every day. All these companies are trying to get a piece of this ever-growing market while also working to provide more automation solutions to their customers.  As a homeowner, it has become a bit confusing to know which brand is suitable for your […]

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How to Make a Meross Smart Home?

How to make Meross Smart Home System? | Smart Plug & Switch Setup

When you’re setting up your smart home, besides comfort and convenience, you’re thinking about the affordability of the home automation platform to use.  As much as there are many home automation companies nowadays, some offer relatively expensive smart products compared to others. This is a factor that most homeowners might be skeptical about since they […]

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How to Make a SmartThings Smart Home

How to Make Samsung Smartthings Smart Home Automation System?

Making the switch to a smart home is one of the best decisions you can make right now. You want to automate your home so that it can fit your daily routines and schedules. One of the best ways to get started on your home automation is to get a good central hub. A hub […]

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How to Make a Hubitat Smart Home?

How to Make Hubitat Smart Home? | Hubitat Home Automation Setup

When you decide to switch to a smart home, comfort and convenience aren’t the only things you’re thinking about. You want to ensure that all your central hub and smart devices incorporate total privacy in their functions. The Hubitat Elevation Smart Hub was created for that exact purpose. Not only is this hub among the […]

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How to Make A Smart Home – Yale Smart Devices

How to Make Yale Smart Home Automation System? | Yale Smart Devices

With the smart home industry getting overcrowded by the day, it’s understandable to get confused about what brand to go for. Although none of these brands are offering something that stands out, there is one that is guaranteed to offer you reliability and convenience for your home. That brand is Yale, and it’s also the […]

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