What is a Smart Thermostat in 2020?

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The last number of years have seen rapid developments in the smart thermostat space. A smart thermostat, typically wall-mounted, connects to your Wi-Fi network and measures ambient temperature in the room using onboard or satellite sensors. Once you define a comfortable level the thermostat will try to achieve this reading by opening and closing furnace (boiler) valves, also called actuators. Additionally, smart thermostats are intuitive to use and provide heat scheduling functionality. Depending on the model of your smart thermostat, these devices can accept and execute multiple temperature changes over a particular time period – i.e. day, week, or month. Two programs techniques are utilized by this category of smart device,

  1. Manual via device menus or using an App
  2. Automatic using Artificial Intelligence

Smart thermostats also include the ability to serve up tons of energy usage data! Most people could not be bothered programming their thermostats, the beauty of these smarter versions is they learn your family’s day-to-day living patterns and programs themselves!

Finally, finally! smart thermostats are both controllable locally and remotely via a smartphone, PC, tablet device, or smart speaker.

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