Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Automation: What is it?

Samsung SmartThings Home Automation Overview

Samsung SmartThings is a comprehensive home connectivity platform that uses Zigbee and Z-Wave technology to enhance automation. It is regarded by many as one of the most efficient ways to automate your home. 

Through Samsung SmartThings, you can connect all your smart devices and have them work together to create a smart home. Whether it’s Samsung home appliances or from other brands, you can use the SmartThings app to configure and control them from one user interface. 

Here are some of the aspects you might need to know about SmartThings and its functionality;

SmartThings hub 

Every smart home requires a brain that ensures its automation and controls all the smart devices and appliances in use. SmartThings is one of the best hubs you could use for your home because it’s both efficient and easier to use. 

All you need to do is identify all the smart devices that are compatible with the SmartThings hub and add them to boost your smart home’s functionality. 

These devices include smart lights, smart plugs, smart thermostats, smart sensors, smart speakers, smart locks, and many more smart devices.

Samsung SmartThings App 

After you have connected all your Samsung smart devices with your SmartThings hub, you’ll require a platform to control all of them. This is where the SmartThings app comes in. 

The SmartThings app is universal and can be accommodated on Android and iPhone Smartphones. 

With this app, you can control all the hardware and devices compatible with your SmartThings hub. Using the SmartThings app, you can develop tricks and commands specifically for your home. 

These commands will help your home run smoothly even when you’re away, asleep, or even at home. The best part about the Samsung SmartThings app is that it’s free to download and use. That means you won’t require paying a monthly fee to control your smart devices. 

The only task you have is to find easily recognizable names for your smart devices for better functionality of your Samsung SmartThings app.

SmartThings Plugs 

Smart plugs are preferred by many people working on their smart home automation because of their ease to setup and use. SmartThings plugs are connected to wall sockets and can be turned on or off using the SmartThings app or other third-party platforms. 

Since the SmartThings plugs enable you to connect devices fitted with a three or two-prong plug, you can transform any device you connect into a smart device. For example, you can connect your coffee maker to your SmartThings plug, and you’ll get yourself a smart coffee maker. 

This applies to other devices like lamps and speakers. After you’ve connected them to your SmartThings plugs, they are transformed into smart devices and are fit to receive any commands, and you can also create automated routines for them. 

SmartThings plugs come in two types, there are those that come with their standalone apps and there are those that are controlled from the SmartThings app. Some of the commonly used SmartThings plugs include the SmartThings outlet, Sengled wireless smart plug, Sylvania smart+ plug, and the Fibaro plug. 

You can choose any SmartThings plug of your choice depending on the purpose you’ll be using it for and its compatibility with your smart devices.

SmartThings Sensors 

When you’re creating a smart home, you’ll require sensors that you can use to detect any motion, contact changes, and temperature drops or spikes. In simple terms, sensors are fit to be your eyes and ears around your home because they sense what you can’t and report it to you in real-time. 

The SmartThings hub is compatible with the Fibaro Motion sensors, SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor, and the Aeotec Multisensor 6. Different sensors offer different features to homeowners. Some have advanced range and sensitivity that come in handy for bigger homes. 

These sensors also respond differently when they detect any motion, contact, or temperature difference depending on how you have them programmed. 

SmartThings Water Leak Sensor

This electronic device tailored for Samsung SmartThings is used to detect any water or moisture. These devices are very convenient for those who live in wet areas. 

After detecting any moisture or water leaks in your home, the smart device will send alerts to your phone or smart speaker so that you can contain them in advance and avoid any serious damage. 

Samsung SmartThings Alexa  

After you’ve gotten your Samsung SmartThings hub and connected your devices, something is bound to make your smart home experience even more convenient and comfortable. This something is a digital voice assistant. 

Alexa is one of the best and most reliable digital voice assistants in the market and can be integrated into your SmartThings hub. With Alexa, you can give verbal commands to control your smart lights, switches, thermostats, security cameras, and smart locks. 

SmartThings Google Nest 

Integration between Samsung SmartThings and Google Nest ensures that you control Nest devices such as Nest doorbells, security cameras, and Nest thermostats from your SmartThings app on your Samsung phone or tablet. 

All that is required is to link your Nest devices with your SmartThings hub is the SmartThings app, and you can begin the experience. 

SmartThings Homekit 

Even though Samsung SmartThings does not directly support Apple Homekit, you can still connect the two platforms using a Homebridge hub or device. You can use Homebridge hub as the middle man in your integration of SmartThings with Apple Homekit by following these steps;

  • Get the Homebridge Out of the Box System (HOOBS) connected to your home network.
  • Set up your HOOB account. 
  • Enable a SmartApp installation for your SmartThings.
  • Configure the SmartThings app to work with the Homebridge hub easily.
  • Install and configure the SmartThings plugin.

SmartThings Voice Control 

On top of SmartThings being compatible with many smart devices, it can also be integrated into several voice controls. Although it might require a few steps to set up, Samsung SmartThings can efficiently work with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant as digital voice assistants.

When you’ve integrated your SmartThings with any of these voice controls, you can create routines that fit your lifestyle and have your smart devices respond accordingly. 

For example, you can give your smart coffee maker verbal commands and have it start brewing your coffee every morning at specific time, like 6:00 am. To set up both or one of the voice assistants to your home, you’ll need to use the Google Home app or the Alexa app.  

The next step is to add all the smart devices controlled by your SmartThings hub to the list of accessories on both voice control apps. 

Ring and SmartThings 

SmartThings can easily be integrated with all the Ring smart products you can think of. You can add a Ring Doorbell to your SmartThings hub and control all its functions from there. 

You can monitor the Ring Doorbell Pros from your SmartThings app on your mobile phone or on some of Samsung’s smart TVs. The 2018 Samsung TVs that can be integrated with Ring Doorbell Pro are from models NU7400 and above. 

The 2019 models range from RU7400 and above, while 2020 models range from TU8500 and above. You can also integrate your SmartThings motion detectors and sensors with the Ring Doorbell Pro and have it display images and real-time videos whenever any motion or contact is detected around your home.


If you’re looking for a central hub that will provide you with more advanced smart home automation and connect with as many smart devices as possible, Samsung SmartThings is the obvious choice. 

With SmartThings, you’ll be able to customize automation with any third-party apps of your choice and transform your home to fit your preferences. 

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