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Every Sunday morning I send out a weekly digest of curated smart home news stories. Furthermore, as a welcome gift, you will receive a book on one of the smart home automation essential guides series. Sign up with the form below to get a new edition in your inbox.

Who writes this newsletter?

The Smart Home Newsletter is written by me, Gerard, an accomplished ICT expert, educator, writer, creator, and serial Internet entrepreneur. In years gone by, I founded a leading online store and installation company for connected home products. And let me not forget that I authored various books primarily technology focussed.

Gerard’s Smart Home Newsletter | Latest Smart Home Automation News

I was born and raised in West Cork, Ireland and now living in Limerick for many years with my wife Olive and our five kids ranging from 10 to 21 years old – so a busy house! I have spent over two decades following Smart Home developments and putting this experience to work and now delivering a newsletter that is worth your time and attention.

Who reads this newsletter?

Those interested in possibly installing smart home gadgets as a side hustle, or maybe curious about the lifestyle-enhancing benefits of integrating light control, independent living systems, Internet cameras, home automation, smart alarm systems, multi-room music, smart speakers, automated blinds, smart thermostats, and much more into a home! I’ve been on hiatus for years on the newsletter front as you can see from the archives below! But back! and looking forward to providing you with regular content on smart home developments! For a taste, check out the archive: