Essential Guide to Smart Home Virtual Assistants & Smart Speakers

Essential Guide to Smart Home Virtual Assistants & Smart Speakers

Hiya, Gerard here, just spent this Saturday evening posting the Internet’s most detailed set of articles about smart speakers and associated virtual assistants, that’s a pretty big achievement on this windy evening here in Ireland πŸ™‚

This guide (ten blog posts in total) is intended to be read by the following people:

  • Homeowners interested in using voice instructions to control their smart lighting, alarm, safety, heating, and entertainment systems.
  • People who are undecided on the type of smart speaker to buy.
  • Anyone else curious about how to set up smart speakers and home virtual assistants at a reasonable cost!

This online guide aims to answer several questions that you may have about smart speakers and virtual assistants such as:

  • What is an AI-powered smart home?
  • How do smart speakers operate and work?
  • What are the most popular AI systems used in people’s homes?
  • What are smart home virtual assistants and their associated form factors?
  • What’s inside a smart speaker?
  • How to use a smart speaker to control your home?
  • What type of smart speaker and AI system should you buy?
  • What are the issues of privacy and security related to installing smart speakers?
  • What is the future for smart speakers and AI-powered smart home virtual assistants?

Feel free to dip in and out of different posts, but I suggest reading the full guide from beginning to end to get a good sense of how to add Artificial Intelligence to your smart home. Here are the posts in the correct order:

  1. About AI-Powered Smart Home Voice Recognition Systems
  2. Popular Smart Home Artificial Intelligence Systems
  3. What is a Smart Home Assitant?
  4. Different Smart Home Assistant Form Factors
  5. Exploring Smart Speaker Components
  6. Smart Speakers And Controlling Your Smart Home
  7. Amazon Alexa Vs Google Home – What Type of Smart Speaker Should You Purchase
  8. Smart Home Assistants & Your Privacy
  9. Smart Speaker Drawbacks and Here Comes The Future
  10. Echo Show, HomePod, Facebook Portal Smart Speakers and More

So enjoy the content, it’s worth checking out if you are in the market for some smart speakers and I will update every so often, I promise πŸ™‚

Thanks, Gerard!

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