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Eve Homekit is a line of smart home devices that integrates and works well with Apple Homekit. Since its introduction, the smart home platform has been manufacturing high-end products to ensure that homeowners ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and comfort in their smart homes. 

With recent updates, Eve systems incorporate the Thread wireless connection standard into their smart home products. 

Eve and Thread Smart Home Protocol

This move to Thread is aimed at replacing traditional technologies such as Z-Wave and Zigbee. The best thing about Eve systems using Thread connections is that their smart devices are able to respond even faster, have a longer battery life, and ensure a reliable connection set up between them. 

The thread protocol will act as a bridge for all Eve smart products when they need to connect to the internet, something they can’t do independently. It’s important to note that all Eve smart products can be accessed from an iPhone, iPad, Homepod mini, or Apple Watch, or smart speaker depending on your preference. 

All Eve accessories are also very secure to use because they involve end-to-end encryption. This means that even if you control these devices remotely. Your data remains confidential and secure. 

Here is a detailed breakdown of everything you need to know about setting up the perfect Eve smart home;

What Eve Products Do I Need?

There is a wide range of Eve products suitable for different fields depending on your preferences. They include;

Eve Smart Heating and Air Quality Devices

  • Eve thermo smart radiator valve
  • Eve room indoor air quality monitor
  • Eve bluetooth range extender

Smart Eve Energy Devices

  • Eve energy-smart plug & power meter
  • Eve energy strip connected triple outlet

Eve Smart Lighting Devices

  • Eve light strip
  • Eve flare
  • Eve light switch
  • Eve button
  • Eve motion

Eve Smart Security Devices

  • Eve cam secure HomeKit compliant indoor camera
  • Eve window guard contact sensor
  • Eve door contact sensor
  • Eve water guard sensor
  • Eve smoke

Eve Outdoor Smart Devices

  • Eve weather
  • Eve aqua smart water controller

How to Manage Your Eve Homekit Products 

All Eve and Homekit-enabled products can be managed from three location types. These three locations include Rooms, Homes, and Zones. Under Homes, you’ll find Scenes and Groups which are more personalized ways to control all your Eve Homekit products plugged in. 

Rooms are the smallest locations that are assigned for Eve Homekit products, and they represent actual rooms in your home, office, or apartment. Unique room names are required when assigning different names for your rooms. 

This is because all your Eve smart products are located in specific rooms. Hence to control them via rooms, you need to be a bit more specific. Of course, you want to avoid assigning products to rooms they do not belong and end up activating them or turning them off without intending to. 

Zones represent a collection of rooms. For example, if your home has both the upstairs and downstairs, with multiple rooms in either of them, you can assign one floor to be a certain zone. Zones help you control your smart devices a bit more collectively. 

For example, you can say to Siri, “Hey Siri, turn on the lights downstairs.” This will lead to all the smart lights in all the downstairs rooms being turned off instantly. Homes are a collection of both zones and rooms. 

Scenes are specific instructions meant to control how Eve Homekit devices function at a given time or after a certain incident occurs. 

How Do Eve Products Work?

Eve Smart Home Setup – All Eve Homekit products are wireless due to the availability of Bluetooth low technology. To connect your Eve Homekit products, all you need to do is use your Smartphone’s camera and scan the Homekit code to present it within HomeKit for all Eve products. With Eve Homekit products, you do not require any cables, bridges, or be inconvenienced by any Wi-Fi traffic.

Eve Smart Home Control – Accessing your Eve Homekit products depends solely on what you feel is the most convenient for you. For example, you can use the Eve app or the Home app to access your smart products and customize functionalities.  You can open the control center and activate your smart devices and their scenes with one tap. You can also give voice commands to Siri on what you need. The choice is all yours. 

Eve Smart Home Automations – With Eve Homekit, multitasking has never been easier. You can have your smart devices performing different functions all at once. For example, when you create a scene titled “I am home,” this will mean that whenever you get home and say “Hey Siri, I am home,” it will trigger multiple functions among your smart devices. This scene can switch on your smart lights, set your fan in motion, and even turn on your speakers.  Also, you can create another scene with the word “Bedtime” and have all your Eve Homekit accessories turned off, from your lamps, entertainment systems, and fan to other electric appliances. 

Eve Smart Home Remote Connectivity – The beauty of using Eve smart products is that you do not need to be home to control any of them. With a HomePod Mini, Apple TV, or indeed an iPad as the home hub, you can control all your smart devices from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is access the Eve or Apple Home app and perform any function you want. For example, you can turn on your lights, open the door locks or adjust your thermostats when you are not home. 

Integration of Eve products With Other Devices 

Eve products can work well with smart products from Philip Hue, Hunter ceiling fan, or devices from other brands by using IFTTT.

However, the important thing to note about Eve products is that they can only be controlled from iOS products such as macOS, iPad, HomePod Mini, Apple TV, or iPhone. They can’t be controlled from any Android-powered device. 

Final Thoughts

If you have any iOS-powered device and you’re looking to build your smart home, Eve Homekit products will make a great choice. Eve products are convenient and will provide your home with an elevated sense of security like never before.

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