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Hello, smart home newsletter readers! I hope you’ve been keeping well while I took a short break to embark on an exciting family holiday in France. We had a magical time exploring Euro Disney, soaking in the beauty of Paris, and basking in the lovely weather on the West coast of France. After an eventful July, I’m back in Ireland, fully charged and ready to bring you the latest and greatest tech news! So, let’s dive right in! This week, we have a delightful mix of smart home wonders to share with you. Discover IKEA’s budget-friendly smart sensors, making HomeKit magic on a shoestring budget. And that’s not all – ABB is getting even smarter as they join forces with Eve Systems for an electrifying smart home future! Plus, find out about Biden’s Cyber Trust Mark, a powerful shield protecting us in the wild digital frontier. Last but not least, Leviton’s Decora Smart Wi-Fi Switch adds a touch of ‘Matter’-ful enchantment to your smart home wonderland. It’s a tech-packed edition you won’t want to miss! Let’s dive into the wizardry of smart tech together! πŸŒŸπŸ πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ Oh and also hoping to get back to our Sunday schedule as soon as possible.

IKEA’s Budget-Friendly Smart Sensors: HomeKit Magic on a Shoestring

IKEA is set to release two new affordable smart home sensors that are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit technology. The sensors, a motion detector, and a new “Shortcut Button,” are expected to hit the market soon. The motion detector will be priced at $15, making it one of the most budget-friendly HomeKit-enabled motion sensors available. It will allow users to automate various tasks and scenarios based on detected movement. The “Shortcut Button” will be priced at $10, offering an easy and cost-effective way for users to trigger HomeKit actions and control smart home devices with a simple press.

These new additions to IKEA’s smart home product lineup are expected to further expand the accessibility of smart home technology for consumers on a budget. With HomeKit compatibility, users will be able to integrate these sensors seamlessly into their existing Apple ecosystem, allowing for more efficient and convenient smart home automation.

ABB Gets Smarter: Eve Systems Joins the Squad for an Electrifying Smart Home Future!

ABB, the smart technology powerhouse, has amped up its game with the acquisition of Eve Systems, the Munich-based smart home products leader. Brace yourself for a turbo-charged smart home future as ABB takes the driver’s seat in the world of Matter and Thread interoperating standards. This electrifying alliance brings us safer, smarter, and more energy-efficient homes and buildings, courtesy of Eve’s consumer-focused products tailored for retrofitting. With the demand for smart home tech skyrocketing, ABB is on a mission to zap away carbon emissions and boost energy efficiency. Get ready for a harmonious symphony of smartness as Matter and Thread technology jazz up your surroundings. This alliance is truly the spark of genius we’ve been waiting for!

Cyber Trust Mark: Biden’s Shield of Security in the Wild Digital Frontier!

The digital frontier, particularly our smart homes can be wild places, but fear not, fellow netizens! the US President Biden has unveiled a formidable weapon to protect smart home devices. Introducing the FCC’s “Cyber Trust Mark,” a badge of honor for tech companies battling cyber threats. With cyberattacks and data breaches lurking in the shadows, this mark acts as a trusty shield, giving smart home consumers peace of mind and cyber-cowboys a run for their money. Companies must earn their stripes by complying with stringent security measures, ensuring a safer digital rodeo for all. So saddle up, and rest easy knowing that the digital sheriff is watching over the vast plains of cyberspace 🀠🌐

Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi Switch: A ‘Matter’-ful Addition to Your Smart Home Wonderland!

Calling all tech-savvy wizards and smart home enthusiasts! Leviton is conjuring up some serious magic with their latest creation: the Decora Smart Wi-Fi Switch. Prepare to be enchanted as this nifty gizmo joins the Matter interoperating standard party, casting a spell of seamless integration upon your smart home devices. No more waving wands or deciphering incantationsβ€”this switch works like a charm with Apple’s HomeKit and other Matter-enabled devices, ensuring your smart home wonderland operates harmoniously. Leviton has mastered the art of enchanting consumers with their user-friendly design, and now they’re taking the magic to a whole new level. So hop on your broomstick, err, the internet, and fly over to Leviton’s enchanted realm of smart switches. A world of digital sorcery awaits!

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