Smart Home Buzz: Philips Hue Restructuring, Homewizard Integration, a $29 Billion Industry, and Doorbird D21x IP Door Station Wins German Design Award

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This week, I’ve curated four insightful stories that cater to the diverse interests of our audience – electrical contractors, HVAC engineers, smart home enthusiasts, and IT, and Security Installation Professionals. Let’s have a quick look at some stories that are worth knowing about:

Philips Hue Restructures, Aiming to Cut Over $200 Million Annually

In a significant move to streamline operations and improve profitability, lighting giant Philips has announced a restructuring plan for its Hue division. The company aims to achieve annual cost savings of over €200 million (around $218 million) by streamlining its organizational structure and reducing non-manufacturing expenses. This restructuring will involve job cuts, the exact number of which has not been disclosed.

Homewizard Joins Works with Home Assistant Program, Expanding Smart Home Interoperability

Homewizard, a leading Belgian smart home platform, has joined the Works with Home Assistant program, enhancing the interoperability of its smart home devices with the popular open-source home automation platform. This integration allows users to seamlessly manage and control Homewizard devices within the Home Assistant ecosystem, expanding the range of smart devices compatible with Home Assistant.

CEDIA Releases Market Report: Over 20,000 Smart Home Integrators Drive $29 Billion Industry

The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) has released its latest market research report, illuminating the immense growth of the smart home industry. The report estimates that over 20,000 professional smart home integrators are currently active in the U.S., driving a market value of over $29 billion. This growth is fueled by increasing consumer demand for connected home solutions, particularly in the areas of security, energy efficiency, and home entertainment. Sounds to me like it mught be a good time to start your own smart home installation business in 2024!

Doorbird D21x IP Door Station Wins German Design Award

The DoorBird D21x IP door stations have been awarded the prestigious German design award in the excellent product design – building and elements category. The award recognizes the door stations’ innovative design and functionality, which combine a sleek, modern aesthetic with advanced features such as two-way audio and video communication, motion detection, and remote access.

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