How to Make A Smart Home – Fibaro Smart Devices

How to Make A Smart Home - Fibaro Smart Devices

When you’re building your ideal smart home, you want to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth and high-performance from your smart devices.

With the numerous brands in the smart home market today, it might be quite challenging to pick the best brands for your automation needs. Some brands only specialize in the basics, while others specialize entirely in one field of the smart home automation.

Fibaro is not one of those brands. Fibaro is widely recognized as one of the few companies in smart home industry that cater to all needs of homeowners switching to smart homes.

This brand touches all the important aspects that make up a convenient and effective smart home, from lighting, heating to safety and security; it does it all. The best thing about Fibaro smart devices is that they incorporate the latest DIY and professionally installed technologies in the smart home industry.

Here is a breakdown of how you can build your ideal Fibaro smart home;

Fibaro Home Center

When you purchase Fibaro smart devices, you’ll need a gateway to manage all the devices’’ functions. Fibaro home center is one of the smallest and most simplified smart home hubs you’ll find, and its user interface is even more personalized.

With the Fibaro Home Center, you can combine all the native apps you have and a digital voice assistant to have your home respond to your voice commands in real-time.

The Fibaro Home Center acts as the brain to the Fibaro system and its smart devices and any Z-Wave based smart home automation.  Using the Fibaro Home center app, you can control the functions of all the plugged-in smart devices from your Smartphone.

The best thing about Fibaro Home Center is that you do not need an internet connection to maintain your system’s smart features.

Some of the new and previous Fibaro Home Center hubs include;

  • Fibaro Home Center 2.
  • Fibaro Home Center 3.
  • Fibaro Home Center Lite.
  • Fibaro Home Center 3 Lite.

Fibaro Security and Safety Smart Home Devices

Security is one of the most important aspects of any smart home. Whether you’re home or away, you want to ensure that your home and possessions will be safe from any intrusion or burglary.

Fibaro provides a comprehensive security and safety package for its users to ensure that their home is safe from intrusion, fires, and floods.

With the Fibaro system, you can monitor the amount of electricity that is being used by your smart devices so that you can program them to run in the most energy-efficient manner possible.

Fibaro motion sensors are fitted with a bracket that ensures that they can be fixed anywhere in your home, from the ceilings to the walls. Fibaro sensors can detect motion, temperature, and lighting variation in your home.

Here are the devices that ensure security and safety in your Fibaro smart home;

  • A smoke sensor fitted with a fire alarm
  • Intercom
  • Motion sensor
  • Door/Window sensor
  • Flood sensor
  • CO sensor
  • Smart Implant

Fibaro Smart Lighting

One of the basic forms of smart home automation is good smart lighting, and Fibaro understands this. Fibaro lighting systems not only ensure that your home is well lit, but they can also be integrated with other security systems such as alarms to keep your home secure.

Fibaro smart lighting provides users with a lighting simulation that gives the appearance that somebody is home when they are not. The best thing about Fibaro smart lighting is that it can be controlled from a digital voice assistant.

Fibaro smart lighting systems are also smart enough only to provide light and adjust brightness in the places where you need it.

With Fibaro lighting systems, you can adjust your lighting colors to fit the ambiance you prefer. In case you’re not around, the lights are dimmed to save electricity.

Here are some of the Fibaro products that ensure smart lighting in your home;

  • Walli Controller
  • Walli Line
  • Dimmer 2
  • Fibaro smart switches
  • RGBW Controller 2
  • Wall Plug

Fibaro Smart-Heat Controller

Every smart home requires a smart thermostat that can manage all the heating and cooling needs. It’s even better when you have a smart thermostat that is smart enough to understand your schedules, the weather outside, and the number of people inside so that it can adjust the temperature accordingly.

This is what the Fibaro heat controller does when you install it in your home. This thermostat can calculate the amount of time it takes to attain the desired temperature in your home so that it can improve on its efficiency every time you have it on.

Since most thermostats are affected by poor displays, you do not have to worry about that with the Fibaro heating controller. This is because the temperature is usually indicated with the appropriate ring color.

Using the mobile app, you can also control the temperature in your home remotely to save on electricity bills. With the Fibaro heat controller, you can tailor each room’s temperature needs in your house independently depending on the time of the day and use.

The Fibaro heat controller is fitted with durable and rechargeable batteries, meaning you do not need to worry about getting new batteries whenever they lose charge.

Fibaro Products Integration With Other Systems and Smart Devices

  • Google Assistant
  • Z-Wave
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Philips Hue Lighting
  • D-Link
  • Sonos
  • Netatmo

Final Thoughts

Even though Fibaro can improve its compatibility with other systems and smart devices, there is no denying that it makes great smart home automation.

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