How to Become a Certified Next-Generation Smart Home Installer (NGSHI) Professional

Certified Next-Generation Smart Home Installer (NGSHI) Program

The smart home market is growing at a very rapid rate. The market is projected to amass a value of around $313 billion by 2026. However, this figure could soar higher based on the popularity the home automation technology is getting.

Nowadays, many home homeowners want to have at least one smart home gadget in their homes. This is because smart home devices offer an elevated level of comfort and convenience to any home.

With this new trend in the smart home market, you can see why smart home installers will be among the most sought-after professionals in the real estate industry. There are many factors that can make you a great smart home installer.

But, having the right training and certification in the smart home industry tops every factor that could make you a great smart home installer. If you’re an aspiring smart home installer, you might have come across Next-Generation Smart Home Installer (NGSHI) Professional program.

This is the ideal program that is bound to guide any smart home installer on how to increase their revenue by installing various smart home and Internet of Things (IoT) systems. This is because the program will provide you with a step-by-step guide on what you should right to succeed.

By undergoing the NGSHI professional program, you’ll stay clear of competition and heighten your margins. So what exactly makes NGSHI professional program the best one out there for you?

To learn this and more, here is a breakdown of everything you need to know about the NGSHI professional program;

What is NGSHI all about?

Time is gone when homeowners hired a smart home installer to be only an electrician, TV installer, an alarm company, or a computer person. Things have changed now, and people are looking to get more from their smart home installers than ever before.

The smart home market has evolved and created a new place for a special kind of smart home installer. NGSHI is the embodiment of what smart home installers of this age should be about.

Here is a guide of some of the factors that define a modern-day installer in the smart home industry;

  • Someone who can professionally install a variety of consumer smart devices.
  • Someone with the right skills and knowledge to install multiple smart devices. These devices include smart lights, smart cameras, smart doorbells, motion detectors, motion sensors, alarm systems, among many others.
  • Someone capable of liaising with other parties such as HVAC contractors, building contractors, irrigation professionals, electricians, and the homeowner.
  • Ensures that the smart home solutions go hand in hand with the homeowner’s needs.
  • Someone who is a certified service provider.
  • Someone who is capable of providing both virtual and on-site home automation services.
  • Someone who is focused on getting small projects done in the shortest time possible.
  • Someone who is in return for a fee.

To simplify this, NGSHIs are basically people who are ready to provide different automation services to the homeowner. However, it’s important to note that these automation services should be as per the homeowner’s preferences.

NGSHIs are also bound to ensure that all the smart home devices they install for the homeowners work together seamlessly.

Is the NGSHI Professional Program Right For You?

If you’re a determined entrepreneur looking to start your own smart home installation business, this program is ideal for you.

This is because NGSHI equips you with all the step-by-step instructions you need to make the right choices in your new career and end up making profits out of it.

NGSHI professional program is all about people who fit the following descriptions;

  • Electricians and HVAC professionals are willing to take full advantage of opportunities presented by the smart home industry.
  • Smart home enthusiasts who are looking to start a productive career out of the home automation industry.
  • Entrepreneurs who are ready to upgrade their business and market skills.

What Makes NGSHI Professional Program Different From Others?

  • The best thing about the NGSHI professional program is that it is online-based. This means that you can take the course from anywhere, whether at work, home, or on your vacation.
  • You can take the course as per the modules that are released every week in the student portal to guide. Also, if that doesn’t work for you, you can always take the program at your own pace.
  • There are training materials for you to review anytime, regardless of where you’re. This means that you do not need to worry about missing a certain lesson; you can always catch up.

What Are You Bound to Achieve at the End of the Program?

At the end of the NGSHI program, there are several things you would have learned. First, you’ll how to increase your earnings from installing various smart home devices and systems.

At the end of the program, you’ll also develop the necessary skills you need to grow a full-time or part-time business out of being a smart home installer.

By the time the NGSHI program ends, you’ll also learn the following;

  • Start your new career as a smart home installer.
  • How to market and sell your smart home services in a profitable manner.
  • How you can generate a regular income from the smart home industry.

It is safe to say that the NGSHI program is bound to transform you from a beginner in the smart home industry to a professional installer in just eight weeks. In all accounts, that is time well-spent!

What Does the NGSHI Professional Program Cover?

The NGSHI professional program is basically divided into 12 core modules. The program also includes advanced training, bonus training, and a variety of learning resources.

These materials are meant to equip you with the knowledge and skills to start and run a successful smart home installer business. With the NGSHI program, you’ll also get the technical skills you need to install any smart home devices of your choice.


When you complete the NGSHI program, there is no doubt that you’ll be better placed in the smart home market. You’ll have acquired all the knowledge and skills you need to start a successful career out of home automation.

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