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Happy Sunday, everyone! No major news in this part of the world this week, did go for a hike yesterday as part of our son’s 17 birthday, and the views were on a mountain near a village called Killaloe. So taking it easy today! Here are some smart home stories I came across this past week:

Google and Hotels

COVID-19 has accelerated people’s attitudes towards contacting items. In the world of hotels, Google has partnered with one of the larger hotel chains to offer a β€œcontactless guest experience.” What this means in practical terms is that Google Nest Hub smart displays will be installed in hotel rooms. And the purpose seems to be related to providing guests with voice control over guest services and amenities. Interesting partnerships, let’s see how it goes. You can check the full announcement for all the details if you want to read more.

New Smart Home Ecosystem

Over the years so many players have come and gone in this evolving space. And to be honest; I don’t really delve into every gadget that appears in the marketplace. However, this smart home range of products came across my radar this week and it looks interesting. Compatability with HomKit is a positive and they sell some useful smart home devices, such as smart plugs, smart light sockets, smart wall switches (with and without a neutral wire), smart curtain controller, and lots of other stuff. Here is the website to read some more.

New Blog Post

For home automation needs, Google offers users a wide range of Google and Nest products. These smart devices ensure that a Google-powered smart home is both high-performance and runs smoothly. The list of home automation products offered by Google includes smart hubs and speakers. They include Nest Mini, Google Max, Nest Hub Max, Nest Hub

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This Week’s Words of Wisdom 😊


Updated Eve App

One of HomeKit’s early supporters, Eve has released a new iteration of their mobile app. If you are considering delving into the Eve HomeKit ecosystem, then you can look forward to using their new all singing and dancing mobile app. Features range touted on the Apple website range from the implementation of powerful automations to personalization capabilities. There’s plenty of screenshots of the new app here.

Cool Remote Released

Came across Nanoleaf raft of smart lighting devices for about six months, and they are super cool. Their signature product is LED light panels that can be mounted to a wall or even your ceiling! Particularly popular with gamers! This week, they released a made-looking remote control in the shape of 12 sided plastic object. Owners of Nanoleaf products will be able to use this cool-looking remote to launch different types of wild lighting scenes! And it even works with music. Very much a niche smart home product, if considering the Nanoleaf ecosystem, click here to get some more info.

Weekly Smart Home Voice Command! 🎀

Turn off thermostat

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