How to Make A Smart Home – Yale Smart Devices

How to Make A Smart Home - Yale Smart Devices

With the smart home industry getting overcrowded by the day, it’s understandable to get confused about what brand to go for.

Although none of these brands are offering something that stands out, there is one that is guaranteed to offer you reliability and convenience for your home. That brand is Yale, and it’s also the most trusted security brand in the United Kingdom (UK).

There may be occasions where you don’t want to hire a professional to set up your burglar alarm system; nowadays, everyone wants a smart device that can start working straight of the box.

It’s fortunate to say that Yale understands that, and they offer one of the most reliable DIY alarm systems you’ll get in the smart home industry.

If comfortable installing smart home devices, then all you’ll need for the setup process is a few hours of your time.

Here is everything you need to know about building a Yale smart home.

Yale Security Cameras

Yale manufactures some of the best security cameras that only require a Wi-Fi connection to keep a watchful eye on your home. What makes Yale cameras even better is the fact that you can increase them to cover all parts of your home without the need for an additional hub.

Yale security cameras can also be integrated with other smart devices such as smart lights and digital voice assistants to ensure your home is ever connected and secure. The two smart cameras manufactured by Yale are;

Yale Indoor Wi-Fi Camera

This camera can record high-quality pictures and live feed of up to 720p. The Yale Indoor Wi-Fi camera, like the name suggests, connects over Wi-Fi and doesn’t require any additional hub to connect to your router.

Setting up this camera has never been easier as all you need to do is to connect it to your home Wi-Fi and add it to your Yale View App. This app is also available for both Android and iOS users.

After you’ve logged on to the Yale View app, you add the indoor camera of your choice and scan the QR code on the back, and you’ll be good to go. The Yale Indoor Wi-Fi camera is fitted with a 90-degree viewing angle and a microSD cheap to help with storing all the footage you need.

Yale All-in-one Outdoor Wi-Fi camera

If you’re looking for a weatherproofed smart camera to keep track of your surrounding both indoors and outdoors, this is the ideal one for you. The Yale all-in-one outdoor Wi-Fi camera comes with a 1080p viewing quality accompanied by a microSD to store your footage.

The best thing about this smart camera is that it has an in-built siren and LED lights which can be activated in real-time whenever motion is sensed around your premises. Also, the camera has two-way audio, enabling you to communicate and listen to somebody outside.

Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm System

Yale smart home alarm system does the job of keeping your home more secure efficiently than any alarm system would. If you’re getting started, you can get the family kit of the alarm system.

This kit comes with a router, a siren, a keypad for arming and disarming the alarm system, two motion sensors, and one door/window sensor. If your home is bigger, you can always add more sensors to fit your needs.

The Yale Sync Alarm system is designed to fit in any home décor so that they are not easy to spot. One of the best things about the Yale alarm system is that you do not need to use the keypad to arm or disarm it; you can also use the app and navigate the settings.

The Yale alarm system can also work with other Yale accessories such as smart locks and cameras. All you need to do is specify its functions on how you need it to integrate with these devices.

For example, you can have the smart locks open or close whenever the alarm system goes off. Since the alarm system is connected over Wi-Fi, it can provide you with real-time alerts on your smartphone whenever motion is detected in your home.

The Yale alarm system is also fitted with an outdoor siren that is unique when comparing it to other alarm systems. When your alarm system is armed, the outdoor siren rings to alert your neighbors about a possible intrusion in your home.

Those who might be worried about carrying the burden of monthly subscriptions, that is not the case with Yale alarm systems. What you pay upfront when getting the alarm system is all you need to pay.

Yale Smart Locks

With Yale smart locks, you can control your doors however you like; whether it’s a keypad, key tag, or your Smartphone. Using your Yale app, you can lock and unlock your door remotely from your Smartphone, which ensures convenience.

Since the smart locks are connected using the home Wi-Fi system, there is no need for a physical key, and rather, you can send the virtual keys to your home to whoever you want. You can also connect your Yale smart locks with other

With Yale smart lock devices in your home and a Yale alarm system both working together will help maintain your home’s security. All you need to do is connect the two via the mobile app and sync their functions.

Integration of Yale Smart Products With Other Smart Devices and Platforms

Yale is ever-working to increase the number of smart devices and platforms that can be used with their devices. This is aimed at improving the effectiveness and functionalities of Yale products. Some of the products that work with Yale smart devices include;

  • Google Assistant.
  • Philips Hue Lighting.
  • Amazon Alexa.

Final Thoughts

Yale has been one of the biggest home security companies in the world for a while now. With the new smart home technology advancing every day, Yale home security solutions are bound to get better.

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