Top Smart Home Automation Companies

Top Smart Home Automation Companies

Some years back, home automation wasn’t as common like the way it is today. Everyone looking to build or renovate their home is also looking to include home automation to it. 

This recent interest in home automation is because people are seeking new and better ways to make their life easier, affordable, and safer, which is exactly what smart home automation does. 

Due to the ever-increasing demand for smart home automation devices, many companies have joined the market to offer better and unique solutions than their competitors. 

Here is a detailed list of the top and larger smart home automation companies out there;

Google Smart Home 

The Google Nest home brand is responsible for introducing the Learning Nest Thermostat to the smart home market. This thermostat is Wi-Fi enabled, sensor-driven, and programmable to fit the owners’ preferences. The brand has also introduced other types of google smart devices including carbon dioxide & fire detectors, smart speakers, and smart doorbells.

Amazon Smart Home

Amazon is renowned as the owner of Ring Inc, which is a smart home and security company. The company manufactures smart home devices fit for both outdoor and indoor surveillance. 

Ring Inc is responsible for manufacturing Video Ring Doorbell, which detects any outdoor motion. Other products by the brand include the Ring security cameras fitted with HD video, motion detector, and two-way talk. Furthermore, the company provides additional smart cameras branded ‘Blink’ and of course a raft of smart home speakers powered by its Alexa voice assistant.

Apple Smart Home

Apple entered the smart home automation market in 2014 and introduced the world to the Homekit platform, which has gone to be used in many homes. 

With the Homekit platform, you can configure and control all your smart devices including, smart locks, thermostats, cameras, and smart lights.

Philips Hue Smart Home

It’s known as the manufacturer of Hue smart bulbs commonly used by many people who prepare smart bulbs over regular ones. The best thing about Philips Hue smart bulbs is that they can be easily integrated into any platform, and you can control them remotely. 

Lutron Smart Home

This company has manufactured Lutron Caseta, which includes high-end wall switches, dimmers, and remotes. These devices are unparalleled in the market in regards to appearance, efficiency, and ease of setup.

IKEA Smart Home Automation

The furniture giant entered the world of smart home automation in 2012 and has been manufacturing some of the best and cost-effective smart devices in the market. The company has manufactured smart lights, table lamps with Wi-Fi speakers, and electric blinds.

Samsung Smarthings Home Automation

Samsung has brought about Smartthings which is regarded by many as one of the best hub devices out there.  The reason why Samsung SmartThings is popular among many people is that it is both affordable and powerful. This device hub can be integrated with various other smart products since it incorporates both the Z-wave and ZigBee protocols.

Netgear Smart Home Products

Netgear is one of the main players when it comes to providing security solutions in smart automated homes. The company manufactures one of the best mesh Wi-FI systems in Orbi and wireless cameras that can be mounted both indoors and outdoors for surveillance. 

Logitech Smart Home Devices

This company is the Harmony Hub manufacturer, which gives your Smartphone, iPad or Tablet control over your smart devices. With Harmony Hub, you can control your smart home devices and entertainment systems from the comfort of your couch. This company is also the manufacturer of Circle 2 security cameras that provide a complete view of your indoors and outdoors.

Belkin Smart Devices

Arguably one of the best home automation companies globally, it has manufactured some of the essential smart home products out there. Smart devices such as HD video surveillance, light switches, and energy-saving outlets have proven popular among automated homes.

TP-Link Smart Home Division

This company is renowned for manufacturing some of the best smart home automation products, such as Kasa smart multicolor bulbs, smart light switches, and smart plugs. 

Somfy Smart Home Division

This company manufactures smart locks, electrical blinds, smart lights, and home alarm systems to keep your home comfortable and secure.

Linksys Smart Home Networking

It is best known for manufacturing reliable and high-speed mesh Wi-Fi routers. The company also has Wemo, a hub that is capable of controlling your smart lights and devices around your home.

Sonos Smart Home Music

When it comes to quality sound systems, Sonos is unparalleled in that industry. The company offers high-quality speakers which can stream premium sounds in your home. 

What makes Sonos stand out is that it incorporates all streaming platforms from Spotfiy, Tidal, Pandora, Stitcher to SiriusXM and Audible.

Final Thoughts

These companies are responsible for manufacturing some of the best smart home automation products out there. If you’re looking to get your home automated, you can’t go wrong by purchasing products from any of these companies. 

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