How to Build a Ring Smart Home

How to Build a Ring Smart Home

With the increase in demand for smart home products, every day, there is a new company trying to enter the market.

If you’re looking for one of the more reliable companies to help you realize your smart home transformation, Ring is what you need. Ring LLC is a home security and manufacturer of smart home products owned by Amazon.

Some of the company’s products, such as its motion-detecting cameras and the ever-popular Ring video doorbell, are regarded by many as the best in their respective fields. Here are some of the different product categories you can use to build a state-of-the-art Ring-Powered smart home.

Mesh Wi-Fi System

Most Ring products need a wireless network (Wi-Fi) to connect to the internet and perform their various tasks. For this reason, a strong connection is needed to run these products.  Different Mesh Wi-Fi systems are compatible with Ring smart home, and they include;

  • Google Wi-Fi
  • Netgear Orbi
  • Amazon Eero
  • Ubiquity UniFi
  • TP-Link
  • Linksys Velop
  • And many more…

The Ring Security Alarm

If you’re thinking about installing a Ring alarm security system, do it! This is because the professional monitoring and the interaction that comes with its alarm are unmatched, and you’re guaranteed that you’ll be getting value for money.

For those looking for a security system they can install on their own, this should be your go-to brand. This is because the system comes with a very clear manual that gives a step-by-step procedure on what to do for the whole process.

However, if DIY is not your thing, you can always hire a smart home installation professional to do it for you at a modest fee. What makes the Ring alarm unique and even better than other alarm systems is that it works well with many Ring smart cameras, Ring smart lights, and Ring doorbells.

Ring alarm systems also support several smart switches and smart door locks. If you’re wondering how you’ll be able to control your Ring alarm system, then wonder no more because it incorporates Alexa.

This means that you can give voice commands to your Ring alarm system and have it respond accordingly. The Ring alarm system is designed for all types of homes.

Whether it’s a condo, apartment, small homes, or even bigger homes, there is a Ring alarm system for everybody. Every Ring alarm system also comes with a contact sensor, siren, keypad, and a Z-wave hub.

Ring Security Cameras

In the category of security cameras, Ring also goes a step further to create cost-effective and convenient ones. Ring’s outdoor and indoor cameras are tailored to make protecting your home even easier and affordable.

Using the Ring mobile app, you can control the functions of these security cameras and other devices remotely. All the Ring security cameras can provide an HD live feed of your home whenever you need it, which adds to the convenience.

With these cameras, you do not need to be at your home to know what is happening; you can get the live feed anywhere in the world.

Since the beginning, Ring Inc has focused on manufacturing smart devices that cater to DIY needs, and their security cameras are no exception.

Both Ring indoor and outdoor cameras are easy to install and control.

For the cloud storage service fee, you’ll be charged about $3 per month or $30 per year for a single camera. When it comes to multiple cameras, you’ll be charged $10 per month or $100 per year.

The best thing about paying for the most expensive storage plans is that you’ll get additional professional monitoring for your systems.

With professional monitoring enabled for your cameras, the police or other available law enforcement agencies will be informed in case of a break-in. If a fire breaks out at your home, the fire department will be notified.

Benefits of Using Ring cameras

  • 1080 Resolution – One of the best things about Ring cameras is that you can expect to get very clear and crisp images and live feeds.
  • Smart features – Depending on the Ring camera you purchase, some with advanced smart features such as AI-based person detection and in-built motion-triggered spotlights and floodlights.
  • Advanced equipment options – For its indoor and outdoor cameras, Ring offers in-built smart lights and solar and battery-powered options.
  • Voice assistant integrations – Since Ring is an Amazon-owned company, it is well connected with Alexa as its digital voice assistant. However, for those who would prefer Google Assistant over Alexa, Ring cameras also offer integration with Google Assistant.

Different Versions of Ring cameras

Ring offers about ten different versions of its security cameras to its customers suitable for their indoor and outdoor needs. These different versions include;

  • Ring stick-up cam battery
  • Ring stick-up cam wired
  • Ring stick-up cam solar
  • Ring stick-up cam elite
  • Ring spotlight cam wired
  • Ring spotlight cam battery
  • Ring spotlight cam solar
  • Ring spotlight cam mount
  • Ring floodlight cam
  • Ring indoor cam
  • Ring always home cam

Ring Video Doorbells

All the smart home market is filled with hundreds of wireless doorbells; they all have different features which might prove suitable for different homeowners.

Some doorbells provide basic features, while others are seen as security devices that can help monitor your home from the front door. Ring wireless doorbells are renowned as some of the best doorbells you can get in the market today.

Ring doorbells provide you with video communication and connectivity with your smart devices such as your Smartphone, PC, smart speaker, or tablet. Most buyers’ dilemma is that almost all Ring doorbells look alike, which brings some confusion during their shopping time.

Although there might be a huge disparity in their prices, you might be wondering what differences these smart doorbells provide. Here are some of the features that are common in all Ring doorbells;

  • Optional Ring Plus membership subscription which provides you with professional monitoring. With service, you also get to save and share your security video in the Ring neighbors App.
  • Two-way communication.
  • Motion sensor activated alerts.
  • Video feed for any device.

Different Versions of Ring doorbells

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell – Its features include;

  • 720p HD camera, which provides clear images.
  • Its live feed is accessible to both Android and iOS devices via the Ring mobile app.
  • The device is compatible with Windows10 and Mac.
  • The device comes with adjustable motion sensors that allow the system to notify the homeowner in case there is movement close to it.

Ring Doorbell 2 – Its features include;

  • It has advanced DIY installation, which makes it simple for homeowners to install it themselves.
  • It comes with an 8-24 VAC hardwired power.
  • This device comes with a 1080P HD resolution fitted with a wide-angle camera with a 160º view.
  • You can access the live feed from this device on a Smartphone and PC.
  • The device has an in-built microphone and speaker to enable two-way communication.
  • This device enables a live feed, which means that you can monitor everything going around your front door even when you’re away from home.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro – Its features include;

  • Variety of customizable looks fitted with interchangeable faceplates.
  • This device doesn’t offer a wireless installation.
  • Advanced motion detection.
  • This device comes with a remote wireless control station.
  • The device is fitted with Alexa as the digital voice assistant.

Ring Video Doorbell Elite – Its features include;

  • This device requires professional installation due to its sophisticated build.
  • It involves Ethernet connectivity.
  • The device requires an optional Wi-Fi connection.
  • The device is fitted with two-way communication.

Ring Video doorbell 3 – Its features include;

  • The device is fitted with a 1080P camera which provides high-quality images.
  • The device comes with two-way communication.
  • It’s integrated with Alexa as its main digital voice assistant.
  • It’s fitted with interchangeable faceplates for convenient mounting.
  • It comes with an easily removable battery pack.

Ring video doorbell 3 plus – Its features include;

  • The device incorporates HD images.
  • It’s fitted with a dual-band (2.4GHz &5GHz).
  • Advanced motion detection.
  • Advanced audio and zone privacy.    

Alexa and App For Control

All ring products can be integrated with Amazon’s Alexa as the main digital voice assistant. The setup is also very simple. Here is the guideline;

  • Open Alexa and tap on the three horizontal bars.
  • Tap skills and games.
  • Search for Ring on the next page.
  • After you’ve identified Ring, tap enable.
  • Sign in to your Ring account, and you will have linked your Ring account with Alexa.
  • After signing in, discover all the smart devices you want to be incorporated into it.
  • You’re now set to give voice commands to your  Ring smart devices.

Final Thoughts

A Ring-Powered smart home is one of the most efficient and secure home versions you can find. Not only does Ring home automation provide security, but it also provides desired convenience and comfort for homeowners.

By integrating Ring with other smart home platforms such as Samsung SmartThings, Apple Homekit, and IFTTT, you’re guaranteed to incorporate even more smart devices in your home from different brands.

If you’re thinking about transforming your home into a smart home, Ring products will make a great fit.

If you are still feeling a little muddled up and looking for some help, then check out my Smart Home in 8 Weeks course designed to take you from zero to a fully integrated smart home!

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