Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Voice Assistants

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Voice Assistants

Ever since Apple launched Siri for the iPhone, more voice assistants have been unveiled. Amazon has given us Alexa for its smart hubs while Google has followed suit with Google Assistant.  

Microsoft and Samsung also have their own versions with Cortana and Bixby, respectively.. There is no denying that people with disabilities have been the biggest beneficiaries of digital voice assistants.

This is because they can use them for pretty much everything. They can give voice commands for the tasks they would have required a helper.

By giving voice commands, they can control their smart lights, smart locks, smart speakers, and smart thermostats. While digital voice assistants are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience, there is also a bad side to them.

For this reason, here is a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of Digital voice assistants;

Advantages of Digital Voice Assistants

Hands-free Functionality

One of the best things about digital voice assistants is that they enable hands-free operations. With a voice assistant, you won’t need to touch your screen or even type anything; all you need to do is call it by name.

This feature is particularly helpful if you’re holding many things in your hands and you need to check your schedule or turn on the lights. Also, since you can operate these voice assistants without accessing your mobile phone, it adds to privacy.

This is because other people do not need to access your mobile phone whenever they want to control the smart devices. It is this efficiency that makes digital voice assistants so appealing to homeowners.

Variety of Skills

Another great thing about voice assistants is that they have unlimited skills. For example, you can enable an uber-ordering skill for your Amazon Alexa. With this skill, whenever you give Alexa the command, an uber will be ordered to your home.

Also, this is not the only function related to digital voice assistants. This is because you can give voice commands to these assistants, and they will respond accordingly. For example, you can ask Siri to read to you some motivational quotes or even your bank account details.

You can also ask any of these voice assistants to update you on the latest global events or the weather outside, and they’ll do exactly that.

More Free Time

One thing that anyone who uses any of these digital voice assistants is that they save time. When Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa learn your routines, you can activate them for even more tasks. For example, these voice assistants can help you with your online shopping.

All that is needed for you to complete the transaction is a verbal command. Also, with a voice assistant, you can have it trigger several events while you’re doing other things. For example, when you create a β€˜good morning scene,’ you can get a lot done before you wake up.

Under this scene, the voice assistant will turn on the lights, enable the coffee maker to start brewing your coffee, and have your smart speakers play your favorite song.

Help With Your Distress

Sure, digital voice assistants can be fun to use, but also, they can be therapeutic. They can help you meditate and lead you on breathing exercises to help you relax. With these features, you can reduce stress levels from a single voice command.

Disadvantages of Digital Voice Assistants

Signal Strength

One of the disadvantages of digital voice assistants is that they are limited to areas with a high-speed network. If you live in an area with no access to the 4G network, you’ll have difficulty keeping them alive.

If you want the best results from your voice assistant, you have to ensure that your network is fast. This means that most people residing in the rural areas of remote places cannot get the best out of them.

Voice is Essential

Another limitation about digital voice assistants is that only voice commands can operate them. Also, to get the best results out of your voice assistant, your voice should be audible and clear.

This means that if you’re in the club or a meeting, you won’t be able to access your voice assistant. This is because these places might be too noisy for your voice assistant to pick on your voice commands.


While digital voice assistants have their limitations, you can’t deny that they enhance convenience and comfort in a smart home. With more updates lined up for voice assistants, the future of home automation is in good hands.

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