Different Smart Home Assistant Form Factors

The Virtual Assistants you’re hearing about on the news and in tech articles are a direct result of artificial intelligence. The earliest examples of these pseudo personalities didn’t even have a cozy electronic processor to inhabit. These were the chatbots that represented the first generations of consumer-friendly smart interfaces. Regarded as simple computer programs, a […]

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What is a Smart Home Assistant?

What is a Smart Home Assistant

Pull away from the circuits and codes. Knowledge of that abstract coding is handy, especially if you enjoy following developments in artificial intelligence, but too much conceptual thinking can cause headaches. So pull your focus away from all of this talk about software architecture. Instead, let’s strip things back by assuming a clutter-free stance. At […]

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About AI-Powered Smart Home Speaker Voice Recognition Systems

Smart home speakers - article 1

First of all, what is artificial intelligence? You know what it’s not. It’s not the HAL 9000 computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey, nor is it the calming tones of Jarvis, Iron Man’s own inbuilt virtual assistant. Movies tend to have an interesting take on how you’ll eventually interact with an Artificial Intelligence, but such […]

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Smooth Wi-Fi is Essential in Smart homes

Mesh Wi-Fi system for smart homes

Nowadays, a modem router device is supplied by your broadband supplier, this piece of hardware not only interconnects your household with the Internet, but it also radiates a Wi-Fi signal. Not always but in some instances, your router can affect the performance levels of your smart home. On occasions, this piece of hardware may not […]

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2012 Mini-Podcast Smart Home Course

Smart Home Mini-Podcast 2012

Here is a mini-series of podcasts that I recorded way back in 2012 and 2013! Alot has changed since! In this first episode of this mini-podcast series, you’ll get to hear Gerard’s thoughts on the following: A trip down smart home memory lane Some details about the evolution of smart homes Ideas about the smart […]

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Smart Home Radio Show – Recorded in 2013 and 2014

Smart Home Podcast 2014

Here are some recordings I did with some smart home pioneers back in April 2014. Here is the first recording of the show, where I answer some questions from blog readers of the time. In this second episode of The Smart Home Radio Show, I chat with Charles Smith with Centralite – one of the […]

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Essential Guide to Smart Bulbs and Smart Lighting Control

Essential Guide to Smart Lighting

Lighting control is projected to be an extremely fast-growing sector over the next five to ten years. In fact, according to a recent builder technology market study conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association, lighting control represents the second-biggest increase of any home technology subsystem, eclipsing home theatre, multi-room audio, and structured wiring! Lighting control takes […]

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4 Major Smart Home Trends for 2020

Trends in the Smart Home Space 2020

One seen as a far-off fantasy of the future, the smart home has become practically and financially feasible for the average person. Smart devices can make our homes easier, safer, and more even more affordable. The industry as a whole is experiencing massive growth — by 2025 the industry is projected to reach a combined […]

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