Eero updates, Airplay 2, and Latest Hue App

Hiya! And good morning to all! Up early this morning and heading off to the beach today 🏖️; so looking forward to that! Here are some interesting snippets of smart home news I came across earlier in the week, enjoy: Google and Apple Smart Homes Looks like co-operation between the big smart home behemoths is […]

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Roku Smart Homes a New Smart Homes OS and More

Hiya! Hope all is good; feels kinda ‘Summerish’ here in Ireland this morning, yep we got some sunshine in this part of the world finally ☀️☀️As always I have some interesting snippets of smart home news for the week: New Google Smart Home Web-site 🔖 Here is another interesting snippit that emanated from Google’s recent […]

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Smart Home Supermarkets Craze 🛒

Philips Hue Adaptive Lighting competitor | Smart Home Theatre & Nanoleaf

Happy Sunday everyone! All pretty good here this week, doubling down on a new program of mine that will teach people how to make money out of the smart home space, so super busy on that front and all the other stuff as well. Still in lockdown here in Ireland, but kids were back in school […]

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