Big smart home lamps, Apple smart home rumors and more!


Morning everyone; hope all is well, a great weekend so far, Sun melting the heavens yesterday, and got some lawns cut. And, have lots of burgers and steak ready for a big barbeque later today! On the smart home front, here’s what caught my eye this last week:

A six-foot smart lamp ๐Ÿช”

Yep, you read right, Wyze (one of the champions of low-cost smart home devices) has released a smart lamp that ‘weighs’ in at nearly six feet high!

At the top of its tall stand lies a flexible lamp that looks pretty cool from the pics on the Wyze website. The key points about this new smart device, include:

– Seems to include so advanced light dispersion technologies.

– Like many smart devices nowadays it supports AI.

– Setup is via Bluetooth the Wyze app.

One more thing to mention is the unit has now available for pre-order. If half interested in this announcement might be worth checking out a product review over at tech hive.

Apple Smart Home Rumors ๐Ÿ

According to Bloomberg, Apple might be upping their game in the smart home hardware with the imminent announcement of a new device. In its article, Bloomberg is speculating that Apple is going to release some type of a hybrid Apple TV, HomePod device that could take center stage in people’s smart homes. That’s about it if I hear any more you will be the first to know!

New Blog Post

In recent years, home automation has become very popular among many homeowners. Everyone nowadays is looking to ensure that all their home functionalities happen conveniently.

A smart hub acts as centralized control where you can connect all compatible devices. Equipped with digital voice assistants and a mobile app, you can control all your smart devices even more easily. >> Read the complete article on the blog

This Week’s Words of Wisdom ๐Ÿ˜Š


Smart Valves

Way back, possibly up to ten years ago, attached Z-wave-based smart valves to a couple of radiators. Back then control was relatively primitive via an app but liked the concept of targeting heating control on a room-by-room basis. Fast forward lots of years and a company called Meross have just launched a smart valve that replaces standard radiator valves. Here are a few notable points:

– A hub is required.

– A hub can support 16 smart radiator thermostats.

– Nice display that shows room temperature.

– Most importantly, controllable via Siri and HomeKit

That’s the general story on this one. Reasonably impressed with this and just purchased it on Amazon. Looking forward to setting up and seeing how it works out!

Smart Air ๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ

There are a bunch of brands synonymous with the Apple HomeKit; one of those is VOCOlinc. And in more particular smart airflow and air humidifiers. However, like many more in the smart home space, they are building out ecosystems of devices in the different smart home categories. Anyway, in recent times, Vocolinc entered the smart lock space with the release of the T-Guard. This latest smart lock is aimed at homeowners who want to replace their complete locking mechanism with a smart lock. This is a different lock type when compared to August, which is designed to only replace the interior deadbolt portion of a door. If half thinking about installing this smart look device, check out this review over at 9to5mac.

Weekly Smart Home Voice Command! ๐ŸŽค

Siri, raise the temperature 2 degrees

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