Latch, Inc. teams up with Ring Founder for Residential Service Revolution, Telly Unveils Dual-Screen Smart TV Twist, and Eve Systems Debuts Game-Changing Smart Home Duo!

gm gm! Gerard here, get ready for an exciting edition of our newsletter! This week, I bring you three captivating stories that will revolutionize your tech and home experiences. Latch, Inc. teams up with Ring founder Jamie Siminoff to reshape residential service providers. Discover the intriguing Telly, a dual-screen smart TV with a twist. And hold onto your seats as Eve Systems unveils their groundbreaking smart home duo, featuring the innovative Eve Shutter Switch and the mesmerizing second-gen Eve Flare. Enjoy smart homers! and see you next weekend. By the way, we have Sunshine in Ireland 🌞

Latch, Inc. Acquires Honest Day’s Work, Joining Forces with Ring Founder Jamie Siminoff to Revolutionize Residential Service Providers

Latch, Inc. has made a significant move in the technology industry by acquiring Honest Day’s Work (HDW), a company founded by Ring founder Jamie Siminoff. HDW focuses on enhancing the efficiency and profitability of residential service providers through technology. Latch, known for its full-building enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) access control platform called LatchOS, aims to integrate HDW’s expertise into its operations.

Under the terms of the agreement, Latch will acquire 100% of Honest Day’s Work in exchange for approximately 29 million shares of Latch’s common stock and $22 million in unsecured promissory notes. This acquisition will bring about the integration of teams, resources, and knowledge from both companies. Siminoff, a well-known figure in the industry, is set to become Latch’s CEO later this year.

The primary focus of the combined company will be optimizing efficiency and ensuring exceptional customer experiences. Latch intends to continue providing excellent services to its customers while incorporating HDW’s offerings into LatchOS.

Jason Keyes, Latch’s Interim CEO, expressed enthusiasm about the merger, highlighting Siminoff’s leadership qualities and track record in creating successful products. Keyes believes that Siminoff’s passion and expertise will be invaluable for Latch’s future growth.

Siminoff, who previously founded Ring and later sold it to Amazon, is excited to join the Latch team. Recognizing the significance of smart and secure access control in real estate operations, he aims to build a residential ecosystem that empowers building owners, operators, service providers, and residents alike.

Andrew Sugrue, a member of the Latch board of directors, expressed excitement about Siminoff joining the team. Sugrue believes that Siminoff’s experience and leadership will be instrumental in guiding Latch toward long-term success and growth.

The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of 2023, subject to customary closing conditions. The acquisition marks a significant milestone for Latch as it continues to strengthen its position in the technology industry and enhance its offerings for customers. With Siminoff at the helm, Latch is poised to embark on a new phase of innovation and success.

Introducing Telly: The Dual-Screen Smart TV That Comes with a Twist

Telly, a start-up founded by a co-founder of Pluto TV, has an intriguing offer for TV enthusiasts. They are giving away a brand-new smart television for free, but there’s a catchβ€”users will have to embrace some advertising and share their usage data.

This unconventional TV features not one, but two screens. The main attraction is a 55-inch 4K HDR display with impressive visuals, accompanied by a soundbar equipped with a five-driver system for excellent bass. The smart TV boasts a range of features, including Zoom video calls, over 40 video games, music streaming, fitness functions with motion tracking, and it’s very own voice assistant.

While the TV comes with three HDMI ports compatible with various streaming devices, it also includes a 4K Android TV streaming stick. Currently available for pre-order, Telly plans to distribute 500,000 TVs in the United States this summer.

To support the cost of the TV, Telly employs a unique approachβ€”they display “non-intrusive ads” on the secondary screen while users watch television. It’s like having a “brand-sponsored” TV! During the signup process, users are asked questions about their household to optimize the advertising shown on the second screen.

However, there’s a data-sharing agreement. Telly collects data on users’ viewing habits, including channels watched and durations, as well as activity data such as search queries, settings preferences, and button presses. This information may be shared with third parties for personalized content and ads, but Telly assures users that personal data is anonymized to protect privacy.

Opting out of data sharing means losing access to services and returning the TV. Failure to comply incurs a charge of $500 to the user’s credit card on file.

While smart TV advertising is not new, Telly takes it to the next level. The catch is transparent, offering users a free TV while allowing brands to reach them directly. It’s an innovative approach to television, even though the name “Telly” harkens back to the UK slang for television, the offer is currently exclusive to the United States.

Eve Systems Unveils Game-Changing Smart Home Duo: Introducing the Innovative Eve Shutter Switch and Captivating Second-Gen Eve Flare!

Eve Systems, a renowned player in the global smart home industry, has unveiled two highly anticipated products that are sure to elevate your home automation experience. Say hello to the Eve Shutter Switch and the second generation of Eve Flare, a portable smart LED lamp that will add a touch of magic to any space.

The Eve Shutter Switch, showcased at IFA 2022, introduces an innovative feature called Adaptive Shading. This intelligent function effortlessly aligns your shutters with the sun’s position, allowing you to optimize natural light throughout the day. No more fumbling with manual adjustments or missing out on the perfect lighting conditions!

On the other hand, the new Eve Flare takes ambiance lighting to the next level. With its captivating illumination, this portable smart LED lamp is an ideal addition to any room. And the best part? You can control it effortlessly using your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and even Siri. Simply sit back, relax, and let your voice or fingertips create the perfect atmosphere.

Both the Eve Shutter Switch and Eve Flare come equipped with Thread technology, which enhances the responsiveness, stability, and reach of your smart home network. All you need is a HomePod (2nd gen), HomePod mini, or Apple TV 4K (2nd gen or 3rd gen with 128 GB) to expand the capabilities of these devices. As router nodes, the Eve Shutter Switch acts as a relay, ensuring seamless communication with other Thread-enabled accessories in your home.

Moreover, these products are designed with the future in mind. They support Matter, the emerging smart home standard, and will receive free firmware updates to keep you at the forefront of technology.

Excitingly, both the Eve Shutter Switch and the second-generation Eve Flare are available for purchase today in their respective regions. Visit to get your hands on these cutting-edge devices and transform your home into a smart haven.

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