Benefits of Homekit Smart Homes

Benefits of Homekit Smart Homes

Apple is one of the major companies that provide home automation solutions to homeowners. While you might think that all automation companies provide the same solutions to users, Apple Homekit is a bit different.

Nowadays, most people view Apple as the future of home automation because it provides a unique vision to homeowners. This is a more enhanced and exclusive vision than what Amazon, Google and other automation giants offer.

More people are opting for Apple Homekit for their automation solutions, and this hasn’t gone without notice. For this reason, you might ask yourself what is so unique about Homekit that most people prefer.

Here are some of the benefits of a Homekit-powered smart home;

No Need For a Separate Hub

One of the main things that inconvenience most homeowners about automating their homes is buying a separate hub. Most homeowners do not want to incur the extra cost of buying an additional device.

Also, the thought of adding another piece of hardware to your smart home collection isn’t so appealing. This is because, with every extra piece of hardware you buy, you’ll need to go through the setup and maintenance process all over again.

However, with Apple Homekit, this is not the case. This is because you can transform your Apple TV or iPad into a smart hub. Like any other smart hub, this will also give you control over all your smart devices.

This means that you don’t need to include an additional cost or extra hardware to your smart home.

 Enhanced Security and Privacy

One of the major reasons most people prefer Apple Homekit over other automation platforms is that it is secure. Like most of its products, Apple takes the Homekit users’ privacy and security very important.

With most of the homeowners’ concerns being the security of their data, this is very important. Unfortunately, the issue of privacy and security has proven very costly for most of the automation companies out there.

Most users have come forward with complaints about their data being shared and leading to data breaches. For these people, Apple Homekit provides a safe haven.

Apple addresses all the security concerns on Homekit by enabling five security mechanisms to keep any unauthorized personnel off your data.

Homekit Supports Only One Mobile App

One of the complaints that most homeowners have about most automation platforms is the lack of a single robust app that can take care of everything. People want to be able to control the functions of their smart devices from one app.

Most people do not like the idea of installing so many mobile apps to control their smart devices. They don’t want a separate app for smart locks, doorbells, cameras, thermostats, smart lights and so on.

Apple Homekit, on the other hand thrives on this front. When you automate your home using Homekit, you won’t need different mobile apps. This is because you’ll have one comprehensive app that can take care of everything.

The Home app will give you full control over your smart lights, smart doorbells, thermostats, alarm systems, among other devices.

An Effective Voice Assistant

Apple was among the first companies to unveil a digital voice assistant in Siri. Ever since, other companies such as Amazon, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft have followed suit. Due to Apple being a trendsetter on this front, you’d expect their digital voice assistant to be effective.

If you do, then you’re not wrong at all. Apple Homekit integrates well with Siri to offer users more comfort and convenience in controlling their devices. With simple voice commands, you can dictate the functions of your devices without pressing any button or opening any app. 

HomeKit Works Some Great Smart Devices

Most people view Apple as widely inactive when it comes to matters compatibility. But, Homekit’s integration with other smart home devices and platforms is among the best you’ll see. Apple follows strict guidelines before integrating Homekit with any manufacturer.

For any manufacturer to get the coveted ‘works with Homekit’s tag, they have to pass a strict security trial. This means that all the smart products that work seamlessly with Apple Homekit are tested to ensure no privacy loopholes insight.

This is unlike other companies which do not vet the devices they integrate with and contribute to serious privacy issues.


If you’re looking for a platform to take care of your automation needs, Apple Homekit is among the best. With Homekit, your personal data will always be safe, and you’ll also get the best automation functionalities out there.

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