Echo Show, HomePod Smart Home Speakers & More

Smart Home Amazon Echo Show | Apple Homepod Smart Home Speaker

The Echo Show: A Window into Alexa’s Soul? Is there any gadget that doesn’t look just that bit cooler when a screen is added to it? The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator incorporates a 21″ screen in one of its doors. Likewise, smart thermostats and now smart virtual assistants are taking that same approach. To that […]

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Smart Speaker Home Assistants & Your Privacy

Smart Home Speaker Assistant Voice Control & Privacy Concerns

It’s time to play devil’s advocate for a little while. You’ve seen the reviews for all of the available virtual assistants. Maybe your favorite smart persona doesn’t have a product housing just yet, but you know it’s coming. Besides, there are smartphone apps that give you a taste of the future, but it is just […]

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Smart Speakers And Controlling Your Smart Home

Smart Home IFTTT Speakers Security | Smart Plugs, Lighting & Heating

Your smart speaker is equipped with a powerful Artificial intelligence. It’s built with a solid and expandable foundation. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi circuits are churning all day long while contacting natural language servers in the cloud. Simultaneously, the same communication modules are streaming music, fetching weather forecasts, reading football scores, and pulling up the next episode […]

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Exploring Smart Speaker Components

Exploring Smart Home Speaker | Internal & Outside Software Components

Your car is opening the garage door by calling up your voice assistant. An audiobook is using Amazon’s Whispersync or Google tech to pick up reading your New York Times bestseller in your car. It’s picked up the narrative at the same place you stopped at in bed the night before. The technology behind your […]

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What is a Smart Home Assistant?

A Guide to Smart Home Assistant Devices | Home Automation Services

Pull away from the circuits and codes. Knowledge of that abstract coding is handy, especially if you enjoy following developments in artificial intelligence, but too much conceptual thinking can cause headaches. So pull your focus away from all of this talk about software architecture. Instead, let’s strip things back by assuming a clutter-free stance. At […]

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