Home Automation And The O’Driscolls Christmas Tree

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Hmmm… so what’s Smart Home Automation got to do with a Christmas Tree?

We are big fans of natural Christmas trees; in other words none of those Plastic branches in our house….

Anyway, ended up buying this humongous tree this year for €70 from one of these guys on the side of the road!

Of course, the bargaining started at €75 at he accepted €70 – of course, I went away feeling like I had a bargain, but of course, we all know who the winner was on this particular transaction. …

So headed home and dragged our new 100-year-old Cedar into the Sitting Room; spent some time trimming down to 8 to 8.5 feet in height – Erected and the tree looked awesome….


Stuck on the Christmas carols on our Smart House Multi-Room Music system; spent an evening putting up the various bobbles, decorations and 4 sets of lights and the final tree looks the awesome as they say in the States:

Here is where it got tricky; the electrical socket is on the very inside or back of the tree.

So to turn the 4 sets of lights ON and OFF someone needs to crawl under the tree for 3 or 4 feet, to access the switch.

For stuff like that, I tend to outsource to our 8-year-old son (Gerard Junior)…..:-)

Anyway, during one of these excursions under the tree, he inadvertently hit the tree bucket and the whole thing crashed down!

Spent another couple of hours putting the whole thing back up again!

Olive was not overly excited about sending Gerard or indeed back under the stairs on a regular basis!

To solve this seasonal problem, I ended up purchasing a Smart Plug and turning the socked on and off with my smartphone.

A simple solution to a simple problem!

Thanks, and please enjoy Christmas!

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