[Infographic]: The Smart Home Automation 2.0 Ecosystem

Home automation 2.0 ecosystem

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In this week’s post, I decided to spice things up a little with a ‘fancy-looking’ infographic on the emerging Smart Home 2.0 industry sector.

From where I stand; there’s no doubt that people are increasingly becoming aware of the lifestyle-enhancing benefits of integrating light control, IP cameras, next-generation alarm systems and smart thermostats into their homes!

Although consumers around the world are realizing the awesome benefits of using an App to access their surveillance cameras, adjust home lights, control heat, close window treatments all over the Internet, many are uncertain about this new paradigm in home automation.

As illustrated – In addition to explaining why the first generation of home automation failed (HA 1.0); this visually appealing informational graphic also highlights the booming trends that are driving growth in this sector in a hockey-style rate and identifies key Smart Home, 2.0 industry players.

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