Different Types Of Sensors Used By A Smart House Wireless Security System

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In part I about smart house alarm systems we talked about home security installation planning and discussed your options in terms of wired versus wireless smart house alarm systems.

In Part 2 below, I am going to cover the various types of sensors used by a smart house system.

Enhancing home security can be as simple as adding a number of different types of sensors:

1. Motion-activated sensors – As the name implies, these types of home security sensors are used to detect an intruder’s presence.

2. Glass break Sensors – Once a window is broken the smart house sensor sends a signal back to your smart home panel.

3. Door contacts – Once armed, a signal is sent to the smart home control panel if the door is opened.

4. Windows contacts – Operates in a similar manner to door contacts and sends notifications to smart house control systems. These sensors are basically used to enhance your windows home security levels.

These sensors are also available as wired smart home protection units.

An example of a ground floor layout and recommended locations for different types of alarm sensors is presented below:

Motion sensors for smart home protection

Once a sensor is tripped by a thief entering your home, a signal is sent to the smart home panel.

In addition to setting off the internal siren, the smart home panel will also send you a text message or email, informing you of events as they unfold.

Home Tech used to protect your smarthouse


I hope you enjoyed my guide on the various types of sensors used by smart house alarm systems.

In Part 3 of our mini-series on smart alarms, we’ll cover some notable features and functionalities of smart house alarm systems.

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