Smart Pets 🐈, Nano Nano Smart Homes, and Starting to Get Christmasieee in Smart Homes

GM and hi everyone! Before jumping into this week’s smart home newsletter, a special welcome to the 28 newest readers of the smart home⚑ newsletter!

Thank you for giving me space in your inbox. πŸ™ From an IRL perspective, no major news, except the weather has turned pretty miserable and cold these past few days. On the smart home front, here are four important stories that occurred in recent times:

New Philips Hue Festivia String Lights for the Holiday Season 🎁

Signify (One of the biggest players in the smart lighting space) has launched Philips Hue Festivia string lights, a product that users around the globe greatly anticipated. With the holiday season coming up, many users are expected to get the new Philips Hue Festivia string lights to light up their homes and create a cozy ambiance. The Philips Hue Festivia string lights come with 250 mini smart LEDs along a 20-meter cord. Additionally, the Festivia strong lights will come with a sparkle effect and the scattered style for an extra festive look.

Aqara Introduces Smart Pet Feeder 🐈

Aqara has introduced the Smart Pet Feeder C1, which supports schedule and remote feeding for pets, voice command activation, and local automation. The new smart pet feeder is already available in Aqara Amazon stores in North America, Europe, and selected Aqara retailers worldwide. The Smart Pet Feeder C1 is fitted with a 4-liter food tank that can hold about 1.7 kilograms or 3.7 ounces of pet food. In addition to being powered by a regular USB-A port, the pet feeder also supports a D-type (LR20) battery.

Nanoleaf Launches Lines LED Light Bars πŸ“Š

Nanoleaf has announced Nanoleaf Lines, the company’s newest generation of modular color-changing products for homes, offices, and entertainment spaces. The new backlit LED light bars can connect at 60-degree angle increments to create appealing layouts, shapes, and ceiling designs thanks to the intuitive mounting plates integrated with every Lines Mounting Connector. Nanoleaf Lines will also have great features like lighting scenes, a rhythmic music visualizer, and an immersive screen mirror. Nanoleaf Lines can be Wi-Fi controlled with the Nanoleaf App, voice commands, or manually using the physical controller. Additionally, Lines will support both Matter and Thread.

New Version of Home Assistant

For those of you, that are DIY’ers and into advanced automation features, the company dropped a raft of new updates in their latest release, including:

  • Tile card
  • Statistic card
  • Smarter reloading of automation and scripts
  • New templates
  • Color temperatures in Kelvin
  • Energy management feature
  • Long-term statistics for graphs
  • Media player support for the Jellyfin integration
  • Addition of β€˜week’ as a possible period in the statistics cars
  • Icons on each row for automation and devices
  • And many others

Home Assistant has also included new integrations, including Oral-B, SNOOZ, and Airthings BLE.

Smart Home AI-Generated Illustration of the Week!


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