Top 10 Apple Apple HomeKit Benefits

As with everything in life, the benefits of motivating yourself and spending money needs to produce some tangible results!

Although the benefits of adding automation to your home will vary from person to person, there are some general benefits that most people can enjoy as a result of adding Apple HomeKit products to their property:

#1 –Β HomeKit is Simple to Use

Once installed, an Apple-based smart home system provides easy control of all your lights, heating, security, and entertainment systems via a tablet, smartphone, or Apple computer.

#2 – Simplification of the Smart Home Industry

The smart home ecosystem includes a myriad of incompatible products and communication protocols. Apple HomeKit simplifies this environment.

#3 – Apple HomeKit is Expandable

HomeKit lets you build your Smart Home as your needs grow – one solution at a time.

#4 – HomeKit is Secure

Security is paramount when it comes to your home and is a major concern for most of us. Apple addresses these concerns by including five key security mechanisms that guarantee against unauthorized third parties interfering with your in-home network.

#5 – Improves Comfort & Convenience Levels

Apple HomeKit systems allow you to set up β€œscenes” that will increase comfort levels at home. Scenes are normally used to perform a number of actions at a particular instance in time.

#6 – Supports Voice Control

HomeKit integrates well with Siri virtual voice assistant, Apple’s virtual personal assistant allows you to use simple voice commands to control individual in-home smart devices and groups of devices.

#7 – Easy to Setup

Apple’s HomeKit guides you through the process of configuring various types of home automation devices, ranging from smart bulbs and thermostats to water leak detectors and networked cameras. The process of adding a new smart home product to your Apple-based smart home is quick and easy.

#8 – Supports a Single App

One of the key criticisms of smart homes at the moment is the absence of a singular and robust App that can be used to control your home from a single point. At present, this functionality is typically regulated to high-end systems.

For people who want to cost-effectively add smart features to their homes they will typically need to use multiple apps to control their home; one for your smart lock, one for your lights, one for your smart thermostat, and so on. Apple’s Home allows you to do all of this under one singular App.

Apple Home App

#9 – Remote Access

Similar to other smart home systems, Apple HomeKit provides the ability to use your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad to control your home over the Internet.

#10 – No Need to Purchase a Separate Hub

With HomeKit, your Apple TV or iPad acts as the controller for your entire range of smart home connected devices. This negates the need to purchase a hub, which not only adds additional costs but becomes yet another hardware device to set up and maintain.

These benefits can have a major impact on your day-to-day life.

In fact, since we started using HomeKit here at home; we are starting to experience many of the benefits outlined above.

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