Gerard’s Upcoming Book – Nest Smart Home Automation System Handbook

So for those of us in the smart home, home automation, digital home space for close on a couple of decades, Google is considered to be a new comer to the market.

And I think the company is genuinely interested in this space and is backing their headlines with some serious cash.

As most of us know; the Google smart home initiative is spearheaded by Nest, which is a holding brand for a bunch of its own products and an emerging platform for other smart home end-point products.

Anyway, I’ve decided to write a book about this emerging smart home platform!

And I want to use this post to keep regular readers updated on how the writing and production of the book are progressing.
So first up is the title and sub-title:

Title: Nest Smart Home Automation System Handbook
Sub-Title: Discover How to Build Your Own Smart Home Using The Nest Ecosystem.

The plan is to break down the book into five different sections.

  1. The first section will describe Smart Homes 2.0, provide an overview of the Nest smart home ecosystem, and explains the key benefits of the Nest smart automation environment.
  2. The next section covers the Nest smart thermostat. An explanation of smart thermostats, the benefits of Nest and a step-by-step breakdown on how to install Nest, setting up schedules, and monitoring energy usage are provided to readers in this section of the book.
  3. The third section of the book introduces a second Nest product, namely the Nest Protect fire and carbon monoxide detector.
  4. The fourth section of the book explains the IP cameras and provides an overview of the Dropcam by Nest product.
  5. Finally, the last section gives insight into the ‘Works with Nest’ program.

Here is a sneak preview of how the cover will look!

Nest Smart Home Book
Nest Smart Home Book Cover – Preview

So that’s the plan; check back often for updates on how things are going.

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