Adaptive Smart lighting, smart home theatre and Hue competitor

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Good Morning and hope your weekend is going well, a few quick notes about the goings on in the smart home space last week.

Colors, Colors

The latest feature from Hue Adaptive Lighting could turn out to be very useful for many households. It’s related to color adjustments that varies as the day progresses. Aptly referred to as adaptive lighting, homeowners looking to activate the feature require Philips Hue White & Color smart bulbs and HomeKit. Setting up is pretty straightforward:

  • Ensure your Hue bridge has latest firmware.
  • iOS 14 is required
  • Launch the Home app, and follow the messaging

Hopefully adaptive lighting will help the long dark winter days here in Ireland πŸ™‚

Check out this article for more info.

Stepping up a gear

Google our defacto searh engine is quietly getting into the home theatre business. The word on the street is that they are enabling this functionality through their Google TV and Nest speaker smart devices. The technical jargon for the feature boost is” Nest Audio-Chromecast integration” and all jokes put aside it could be a real game changer for consumers who want to improve their TV viewing experience at minimal costs. There is no hint as to when this functionality will become available but when it does, expect early adopters and next generation smart home installers to sweat test these new configurations. The story broke over at the Wall Street Journal.Β Β 

Hue gets a challenger

Famous for its cool and modular lighting panels, Nanoleaf recently announced a line of new smart bulbs and strips that will compete head-to-head with Philips Hue Adaptive Lighting. In addition to the run of the mill features supported by smartified lighting fixtures; there is also support for circadian lighting, which seems a fancier term for adaptive lighting. The new line is branded as ‘Essentials’ and should be available real soon. Check out the official announcement here.

Weekly Smart Home Voice Command!

What’s the temperature inside?

Thanks for reading! Until next week, Gerard

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