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Happy Sunday, so all good here in Ireland; it’s my birthday today, so another year older πŸ™‚ Anyway, here are a few stories I curated this week from around the Web. Enjoy!

Smart Home Threads

Germany-based Eve Systems a strong player in the Apple HomeKit devices space announced support for Thread Smart Home. What in God’s name is Thread, I hear you say. It’s yet another protocol that was developed to improve smart home connectivity problems. Here is the official description provided by the Thread group:

Thread smart home is a low-power wireless mesh networking protocol designed for easy integration in the connected home. Being an IP-based open standard, Thread allows smart home devices to securely and reliably connect directly to the cloud.

Support for Thread smart home is to be provided via software updates over the coming days. Here are the key features of Thread enhanced eve devices:

  • No single point of failure on your smart home network
  • Self-healing capabilities
  • Becomes robust as you add Thread capable devices onto your home network.

You can check out the blog post on Eve’s website for more details.

ZZ Top!

Z-Wave is a dinosaur in the smart home space, however, from my own personal experience, the protocol has served this niche market well over the years and remains an essential communications system for smart devices around the world.

Earlier this month, security giant ADT decided to take on a prominent role within the organization. You can check out the official Z-Wave Alliance press release here.

China Smart Locks πŸ”’

Deploying a smart lock can be difficult and success is strongly linked to the locking mechanism used on your door. As such, I’m always on the watch out for innovation in this space. A new smart lock announcement that came across my radar this week was the launch of an Aqara mortise style smart lock over in China. Take a look here yourself to find out more about the types of smart home locks provided by Aqara..

Weekly Smart Home Voice Command! 🎀

Alexa, What’s the temperature inside?

Thanks for reading! Until next week, Gerard

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